1810 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Menche 777bb5857e fix FreeBSD build and clean up some related mess 2 years ago
  JonnyW e2910b4e73 Fixed book orientation when in book case. 2 years ago
  JonnyW f7d3480951 fixed the clock 2 years ago
  JonnyW 617f5c91d4 Put flint before copper and bronze before iron as this is how things progressed historically. 2 years ago
  JonnyW 375a1ec93f fix reverse craft book. clear recipe/result boxes if no item. 2 years ago
  JonnyW 318a9968b9 removed mithril recipes for craft book that can be made with sticks 2 years ago
  JonnyW abc4327af6 sort config file alphabetically 2 years ago
  darkrose b87172a9b4 translation updates 3 years ago
  darkrose 3021f29b7a change install file name 3 years ago
  darkrose c789def6a1 more the_game() cleanup 3 years ago
  darkrose 1a8840fd92 some the_game() cleanup 3 years ago
  darkrose d7cb000abd add alloy mode to smeltery 3 years ago
  darkrose 7fea09a09c some cooking tweaks 3 years ago
  darkrose f75463e5f0 rename example config file 3 years ago
  darkrose 451865ac69 assorted tweaks 3 years ago
  darkrose 58f14f3ae2 assorted upgrade improvements 3 years ago
  darkrose c1f6778975 translation update 3 years ago
  darkrose b4322598f2 new smeltery 3 years ago
  darkrose f64cd80c10 get server list working again 3 years ago
  darkrose ca1e75a8e0 new furnace pt1 - hopefull? 3 years ago
  darkrose 9e47f55c7a get a little closer to cross compiling for w32 3 years ago
  darkrose 623a11e24a less likely to destroy dropped stuff 3 years ago
  darkrose 1bfaf70f3b native crop env support 3 years ago
  darkrose bc2020f401 either the env loop is now correct for new mapgen, or it's totally screwed and darkrose shall laugh at you all 3 years ago
  darkrose 9665cc2588 fix leaf drops, add desert sandstone 3 years ago
  darkrose 821e83bfe9 set default world 3 years ago
  darkrose 9fa5059007 require clay vessels to be actually cooked 3 years ago
  darkrose ef6608a87a get multiplayer connection working again 3 years ago
  darkrose 6ee1f8e1ec fix path bug in newly created worlds 3 years ago
  darkrose 6a5fcd77ae get flat mapgen working 3 years ago
  darkrose 433e57cfe3 multiworld support pt3 3 years ago
  darkrose c0b93d8ca1 multiworld support pt2 3 years ago
  darkrose 157f9511ab multiworld support pt1 3 years ago
  darkrose 7db73b0136 dig leaves, get sticks 3 years ago
  darkrose 7a326ca4e1 copper shears texture 3 years ago
  darkrose 48eac3d9e2 tool texture updates, pt1 3 years ago
  darkrose 17ed2155d6 campfire updates pt1 3 years ago
  darkrose 46ea46d2ab clay vessel pt 1 3 years ago
  darkrose 22e0d8595d proper upgrade items 3 years ago
  darkrose f95db8f184 biome specific player damage 3 years ago
  darkrose ed36251850 fix #52 3 years ago
  darkrose d7a1c19912 quick fix to get crops growing again 3 years ago
  darkrose c9adf09e5c and now you can seal barrels and pick them up 3 years ago
  Capricornus df8b6463b0 reordering - wood blocks' recipes 3 years ago
  darkrose 501c631395 ui prettying up 3 years ago
  Capricornus a5d71176e6 fix - apple wood crafting 3 years ago
  darkrose dd52f31933 fix #45 - opening inventory negates black screen in walls 3 years ago
  darkrose 64737e32db some path tweaks 3 years ago
  darkrose 92bc8b40fe update some wear values 3 years ago
  darkrose 3faa17bc43 improved bucket functionality 3 years ago