Final Minetest Git Repos
The ultimate Minetest git site

Welcome to the ultimate Minetest git site:

This site hosted 7,579 git repos as of the last gitea restart.

Most of the repos were/are for Mine­test. You'll find both cur­rent mods here and mods that have dis­ap­pear­ed else­where. We've also con­vert­ed a few non-git mods to git form so that you can access them here. As a bonus, lost files pre­vious­ly host­ed on Media­Fire will be add­ed here in due course.

There is no more gen­er­al­ly com­plete Mine­test git col­lec­tion in exis­tence. This is the place to win the race.

There are some FOSS repos of other types. You can store your own git repos here as well. Go ahead, it's free. If possible, though, stop send­ing bots to regis­ter empty spam accounts.

Email comments or questions to: me @

It isn't pos­si­ble to for these repos to be lost due to rage­quit. For exam­ple, in 2020, the migdyn repos were de­leted or moved to an unknown loca­tion, but they con­tinue to exist at this link.

The code in old Minetest repos is often exper­i­mental or obso­lete. So, many of these repos can't be used dir­ect­ly. However, the code is a use­ful refer­ence for mod­ders work­ing on new features.

Final Minetest is being redone. Links to the new code will be add­ed here in due course.

Search that doesn't leave you in the lurch:

Use the navbar at the top to nav­i­gate. Note: This site sup­ports full-text search of source files.

To search source code, use this link
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Hold the phone, how to clone:

To clone a repo to your hard disk, use CLI com­mands of the fol­low­ing form:

git clone

Note: You can use http instead of https. However, if you do so, a redir­ection warn­ing mes­sage will be print­ed.

You can also download a ZIP file or TAR.GZ tarball from a repo's web page. Look for the type of button shown below. It's a down­load button:

For example, click on the sample hidden_doors link pro­vided further up and look for the button there.

Other resources:

* We've been informed that Perttu Asshola's Fall 2010 col­lec­tion of ultra-early MT binaries is off­line. You can access a mirror at the link below:

* A mirror of the MT forums from 2011 to 2017 is online at the link below. It includes files that are missing from the troll­stream copy:

MT people index:

The people listed below have 10 or more repos here or they're inter­est­ing or rele­vant to the Mine­test story.

A few people with­out repos are list­ed just to pro­vide access to Mine­test pro­files or posts or other infor­ma­tion.

Note: If you're using a phone in por­trait mode, the list will be too tall. Rotate your phone to land­scape mode.

Name issues:

* The GitHub "minetest" account is called "minetest" here.

"minetest" accounts from non-GitHub sites have had upstream site identifiers added. So, for example, the "minetest" account from "gitgud" is named "minetest-gitgud" here, "minetest" from NotABug is named "minetest-notabug", etc.

* "notabug" lets usernames end with a period but "gitea" doesn't per­mit this. So, we needed to change the user­name "" locally to "".

* Similarly, at Github, repo names can contain a period but "gitea" pro­hibits this. So, we needed to change the repo name "" to "auth_rx_wiki".

Other issues:

* We're not certain that the following repo is valid:

The repo in question produced the following warning message on import:

warning in blob 81bb16b46edb67f6614169e42a6586b4eecc74db: gitmodulesParse: could not parse gitmodules blob

youtube-dl and similar tools:

This section was added as a response to the attempted takedown of youtube-dl in 2020. FWIW tartube is a GUI front-end for youtube-dl. Many of the other tools will have broken over time but the code may be useful for developers.

A few more non-Minetest repos: