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Zepha Voxel Game

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Zepha is a powerful, extensible C++ Voxel Game with immense modding possibilities. The API provided allows everybody with even a basic knowledge of Lua to create any subgame imaginable. Though other Voxel Games like Zepha exist, none of them can match it's superior performance, graphical capabilities, and raw modding capability.

Zepha is very early in developement, however it already has several strengths over alternative games / engines. Infinite-sized worlds, client side scripting, a well-designed game selection menu, and more. For those interested in trying out the modding API, a seperate repository containing the documentation for the game is available here.

Zepha's full source code is currently available on this repository for viewing and personal use, however it is important to note that this project is not free nor open source. Unfortunately, as my dream is to make a living off of game development this is not a viable strategy for me. Learning from the source code or exploring the source is allowed and encouraged, though. Feel free to use this repository as a reference for similar works until the repository eventually becomes private.


Please see docs/ for guides and best practices.

Alternatively, check the Releases page for automatically built Linux binaries.


(c) 2018-2020 Nicole Collings, All Rights Reserved.

You do not have permission to redistribute, copy, or share this work without my explicit written permission. You may download the repository and compile it for personal use or potential contributions. Please contact me if you have any questions or special requests.