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Absolutely Vibin' Hooks for (P)React.

Okay, but what is this, anyways?

I've been working on a lot of React projects recently, and I seem to run into the need for the same hooks again and again. So I thought: 'why not make this simpler and just publish a package with all of them in it?' And now we're here. All of them are compatible with React and Preact, and the package has its own typings, because I'm not a troglodyte.

What hooks are included?

View the source for the full documentation, but a basic list are as follows:

  • useAsyncEffect - Calls an effect asynchronously, with aborting.
  • useAsyncMemo - Memoizes an asynchronous value, with caching, defaults, and aborting.
  • useMediaMatches - Checks a media query using window.matchMedia.
  • useMessaging - Event-based cross-origin message sharing.
  • useRerender - Returns a memoized callback that makes the component rerender.
  • useStoredState - A useState that caches the state value in the local storage.

Why "Vibin'"?

I don't know man, it's 2:00 AM.