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#Ice Cream Mod

one mod to create your favorite ice cream, and more!!!!

First create a Cone, with the specific Dough, give it the shape, and then on the Furnace.

This Dough is created with 2 Wheat Dough and one Egg.

A cone, snow and. . . . Chocolate? Or more.

This mod Depend (mobs, mobs_animal, farming) (not necessarily "mobs", you can also use any other that has an egg "group: food_egg")

This is my first mod

With the time i add more ice creams


add an Award


new screenshot


add more awards


put the code on src folder


add Awards


add Translate


add Vanilla with Cookies, Chocolate with Cookies


add Strawberry, Blueberries


Change mobs:egg to group:food_egg

add Changes.txt

add Mint, Pumpkin, Vanilla

v1.2: Correction

v1.1: add Cone-shaped dough

v1.0: Add Ice Creams, Cone, Dough

Apple, Banana, Carrot, Chocolate, Watermelon, Orange, Pineapple.