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Adds a selection of useful or comedic sticks to Minetest.

License: MIT

Licencing note: Licensing excludes textures and sounds attributed in The copyright for these resources belongs to their respective owners and are being used in this mod in adherence to the license terms or under fair use.

Dependencies: default

Contributors: GreenDimond (ideas, textures)

Stick List


Instantly kills players and mobs.

Springy Stick

Doubles the player you hit's jump height and halves their gravity

Lead Stick

Increases the player you hit's gravity by 50% and halves their speed.


Add's hitmarkers to the center of your player's screen, plays "Smoke Weed Everyday", appends sunglasses to the person you hit's skin and creates a hemp leaf particle spawner at their position. You can adjust the number of hitmarkers to spawn by changing the stickpack_litstick_hitmarker_count setting in minetest.conf and you can replace weed references with Darude Sandstorm references by setting stickpack_family_friendly to true in minetest.conf.


Plays "2sad4me" at the player you hit's position and appends tears to their player skin.

Knockback Stick

Knocks players and mobs back several nodes.

1000 Degree Stick

Sets they player you hit on fire, they will lose 1hp (half a heart) every second (they can jump in water to stop it)


Plays Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" at the player you hit's position.


Places a 4 node high, 9 node wide stone wall topped with barbed wire. Also takes stone and barbed wire from player's inventory


Left click removes all objects within a 10 node radius, right click picks up all item entities within a 10 node radius and adds them to the player's inventory (or if they won't fit collects them in a pile). Left click is restricted to those with the admin_stick privilege.


Picks up all snow within a 10 node radius and adds it to the players inventory (or makes a pile of item entities).


Strikes all players within a 40 node radius with lightning and kills them.

Summoner Stick

Brings any object to your player position. Has a range of 100 nodes.


Freezes the player you hit, they will not be able to move for 30 seconds.


Sets nodes on fire.


Kicks the player you hit with a silly reason.


Server owners may wish to limit particular sticks to admins/moderators only. In order to do this, set stickpack_restricted_sticks in minetest.conf to a list of sticks to limit (separated with comas), by default it is set to godstick,ripstick,kickstick.

Limited sticks will be confiscated from players without the admin_stick privilege and limited sticks can be removed from the creative inventory by setting stickpack_admin_sticks_creative in minetest.conf to 1 (default is 0).