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Temp Privs

Overwrites the default grant, grantme and revoke chatcommands to add revoke or grant expiration.


The default commands still work for permanant grants and revokes, however you can optionally select a time period whereby the revoke/granting will be reverted.

grant <playername> <time-optional> <privstring>

grantme <time-optional> <privstring>

revoke <playername> <time-optional> <privstring>

<time> syntax:

  • 1s - one second.
  • 1m - one minute.
  • 1h - one hour.
  • 1D - one day (24 hours).
  • 1W - one week (7 days).
  • 1M - one month (30 days).
  • 1Y - one year (360 days).