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Designed for Minetest 5.3.0-DEV

Built using textures from Mineclone 2

Be sure to install the clientside mod for this game mode: Download here

If you want to run this on a server you must add this to your server minetest.conf:

enable_client_modding = true
csm_restriction_flags = 0
enable_mod_channels = true
secure.http_mods = skins
max_objects_per_block = 4096
max_packets_per_iteration = 10096

This game is in early alpha and uses a lot of experimental features in the engine


Old Version Changelogs

Alpha 0.06

Redstone Update

  • Add in virtualization algorithm



  • breaker (mines whatever is in front of it)
  • dispenser (shoots out first item in inventory, or shoots item into pipe)
  • piston in general (if node is falling and piston is pointing up then FLING IT, if detects falling node entity FLING IT)
  • redstone bugs which spawn and try to kill you if a stack overflow detection occurs


  • quarry
  • filter
  • siv
  • mining lazer
  • trains


#1 idea: weakness items, items that damage the mob more than diamond swords

redstone bugs

  • spawn when a stack overflow detection occurs and is very hostile


  • zombies drop limbs randomly and a player can use them as a very low durability weapon and place them in the world


  • spider eyes randomly drop as an object and players can wear them and place them


  • you can put a pumpkin on it's head to make it survive when it's not snowing out
  • drops snowballs, coal, or carrot


  • sheep can be punched to drop wool without damage
  • you can dye a sheep with colored dye and it will change color, then will drop the color you dyed it


  • disable pig aggression
  • make porkchop look nicer


  • make the default player model whited out
  • ghosts can pass through any nodes
  • ghosts fly around
  • will follow you groaning about "diamonds", "need food", and "join us"
  • they will fling you up in the air or punch you
  • ghosts can drag you down into nodes and suffocate you
  • spawn with cave sounds
  • drop soul

node monster

  • gets built out of nodes in the area
  • will probabaly destroy you
  • drops all nodes that it's made of when killed

Game Mechanics:

New Themes

mechanics (mechanical tools and machines)

  • compressor (compresses nodes down)
  • auto miner (digs whatever is in front of it)
  • decompressor (opposite of compressor


  • pipes
  • pumps
  • fluid transfer
  • fluid storage
  • pipes should be able to move objects quickly


  • Jack O'Lanterns
  • corn and corn stalks
  • decorations
  • cobwebs
  • costumes (somehow?)
  • candy
  • make grass and leaves orange during the month of October
  • (Use a simple date check and override nodes)
  • Gravestones
  • Graveyards
  • Candles
  • candy apples
  • Soul cake, make with cake and soul


  • add fertilizer (pig drops bone randomly)
  • fertilizer is made out of bone -
  • fertilizer can make tall grass grow on regular grass
  • bread - 3 bread in a row
  • make sandwich with bread and cooked porkchop
  • fertilizer used on saplings randomly make tree grow (make sapling growth a function)


  • enchanted fish
  • player casts out a better lure if on a boat

New Items

These don't seem to fit into any theme so list them all here

  • rope and tnt arrows
  • vehicles (car, powered minecarts, trains)
  • hitscan flintlocks


These ideas are all over the place but are good for future updates

  • make pistons able to push and pull any node that does not use meta or inv
  • make pistons able to push and pull deactivated pistons
  • upgrade minecart physics even more
  • make torches abm that checks if player in area
  • make furnace abm that checks if player in area
  • make tnt hurt player
  • rewrite minecart
  • fix tool rightclick torch placement to replace buildable to nodes
  • if placed last node put another stack into hand
  • have falling node hurt player?
  • add a function to set a velocity goal to entities and then implement it with all entities
  • ^make a value if below then stop?
  • colored chat messages
  • check if everyone is in bed before going to next night
  • also lock player in bed until they get out or daytime
  • create a function to check if a node or group is below
  • ^ set meta for player so that all mods can use it without calculating it
  • ^ over and over again (saves cpu cycles)
  • cars buildable in crafting table
  • require gas pumps refine oil
  • drive next to gas pump and car will fill with gas
  • maybe have pump be rightclickable and then manually fill with gass using nozel
  • minecart car train? - off rail use
  • automatic step height for off rail use
  • make cars follow each other
  • oil which spawns underground in pools
  • powered minecart car (engine car)
  • chest minecart car
  • player controls engine car
  • make entities push against players

Possible Applications

causes object to magnetize towards player or other objects and stop after an inner radius use for better item magnet?

if object:is_player() and object:get_player_name() ~= self.rider then
      local player_pos = object:getpos()
      pos.y = 0
      player_pos.y = 0
      local currentvel = self.object:getvelocity()
      local vel = vector.subtract(pos, player_pos)
      vel = vector.normalize(vel)
      local distance = vector.distance(pos,player_pos)
      distance = (1-distance)*10
      vel = vector.multiply(vel,distance)
      local acceleration =,0,vel.z-currentvel.z)
      if self.axis == "x"      then
      elseif self.axis == "z" then
      - acceleration = vector.multiply(acceleration, -1)
      - object:add_player_velocity(acceleration)

If you want to support the project: