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Laptop | Computers emulation for Minetest

The Laptop mod is a group collaboration between bell07, Cross_over, Gerold55, Toby109tt, v-rob, veNext, Grizzly Adam and Yours truly lol. We aim to make a working laptop inside of MineTest. There are different computers, apps which run on computers, media to store data and different themes to personalize the appearance.


An is given to develop additional components. The mod includes next components:


Itemname Name Author
core CP Core by Cross_over and Gerold55
printer Flash Printex by Cross_over and Gerold55
cube CUBE PC by Cross_over and Gerold55
monitor2 Fruit Zero by Cross_over and Gerold55
monitor4 Bell CrossOver by Cross_over and Gerold55
monitor3 Pentium 3 by Cross_over and Gerold55
laptop laptop v2.0 by Cross_over and Gerold55


Itemname Description Author
floppy Boot old computer or just store data by Toby109tt and Cross_over
usbstick Store data or take full computer backup by Toby109tt and Cross_over
printed_paper Show printed text on use by Toby109tt and Cross_over



Name Description Author
mtos/app_fw/bdev Operating System by bell07
launcher Desktop launcher by bell07, app icons by Toby109tt and Cross_over
launcher_settings Theme selector by bell07
os_dialogs Select file dialog by bell07
os_print Printer OS and driver by bell07
removable Removable storage manager by bell07
CS-BOS Text based Operating System by Grizzly Adam and bell07


Name Description Author
calculator Calculator by bell07
mail Email service by bell07
stickynote Text editor by bell07


Name Description Author
tetris Tetris clone by kilbith (Ported from homedecor by bell07)
TNTsweeper Minesweeper clone by bell07
realchess Chess game by kilbith (Ported from realchess by bell07)


Name Description Author
amber shell by Grizzly Adam
argyle by Grizzly Adam
basic by v-rob
blue by v-rob
boing! by Grizzly Adam
bubbles by veNext
Circuit by Grizzly Adam
clouds by Grizzly Adam
cubic by v-rob
fruit by veNext
green shell by Grizzly Adam
magma by v-rob
red by v-rob
shell by Grizzly Adam
snow pines by Grizzly Adam