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HarryTest - By LandMine

This is a mod for Minetest-C55 that will add harry potter like elements. It is still in the works, but there are alot of plans for it, below are a few examples of what i am trying to create. It would be great if you could help out.


Good Wizards - The good wizards are friendly and kind! If attacked they will fight back! Once killed, you will get there wand and a blueprint! You will learn about blueprints later on the description!

Harry Potter - Harry Potter is one of the strongest mobs and is hardly ever spawned! If attacked you will get hit by the patronus charm! And blasted back! If attacked again he will send in another spell! If killed you will get harrys wand and 2 blueprints!

Ron Weasley - Loot dropped wand and 1 blueprint

Hermione Granger - Loot dropped Wand and 1 blueprint.

Squibs and Cats - The squibs walk about with cats and are grumpy fellows, they are easy to kill, but the cat will attack at a very fast rate!

Neville Longbottom - Neville Longbottom messes up! But is rather good with plants and is a very brave person! If killed will drop, wand and 1 plant blueprint!

Owls - Yet to think out

Proffesor Dumbledoor - Everybody wants the elder wand, but dumbledoor is the only one who has this! He is very good at his magic though, and will occasionally give you blueprints, you need to have alot off stuff before attacking! He drops the elder wand and 3 blueprints!

Muggles - muggles are found in the magic world, they are confused.

Dark Wizards - Dark Wizards will attack at night, but not in day unless attacked, If killed will drop 1 magic blueprint.

Voldermort - He is the hardest Mob to kill! If killed will drop the bone wand and 2 magic blueprints


Blueprints will be dropped items which will be used to craft a spell, there are water, fire, earth, wind, dark, light blueprints, combine them in the right way with other elemements and get a spell.

Normal Spells

Aguamenti - Sends out water! Alohomora - Opens locked doors! (Dropped chance 20%) Avis - Yet to think Out Bombardia - Creates small explosion! Colloportus - Creates wooden door to locked door! Confundus - Confusses Target Duro - Turns blocks into stone Episkey - Heals +2 hearts Expecto Patronum - Creates Patronus/Protects, (Used to keep away dimentors) Expelliarmus - Yet to think out. Genemino - Duplicates a mob! Incendio - Lights a fire! Lumos - Lights a torch at target Protego - Protects from the next spell! Repero - Repairs tools! Stupelfly - Knocks somebody out! Wingardian Leviousa - Levitates something!

Dark Magic

The unforgivable curse - Avada Kedarva - Kills opponent instantly This spell is the spell Voldermort will use alot, can be killed quick if encountered! The unforgivable curse - Crucio - The torture curse, tortures till death! The unforgivable curse - Imperio - Control opponent, can make target drown! Confringo - Blasts someone to death! Incarcerous - Makes somebody strapped to a pole in rope! Marsmorde - Summons the dark mark, this is used to summon Voldermort! Obliviate - Makes target turn into a muggle Petrifious Totalus - Petrifies Opponent! Reducto - Blows a wizard mob to death! Serpentsortia - Summons a snake mob!