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##### "Destinations", LazyJ's Fork of mauvebic's Minetest Mod, "Bookmarks"

"Destinations" is based off of mauvebic's Minetest Mod, "Bookmarks".

At, we have a lot of neat builds and places to see on our
Minetest server. "Destinations" helps our regular players to easily travel from
one location to another. The advantage of a chat-command based teleport system
is that it can be used from anywhere at anytime. No booths or pads required.
This is especially helpful when exploring, mining, or developing builds in new
areas that haven't been setup with a teleport booth or pad yet.

"Bookmarks" is an old mod that hasn't been archived well.

Info about "Bookmarks" on

Cornernote's GitHub repository of old mods, "minetest-megapack" includes a copy of "bookmarks":

~ LazyJ, 2014_06_26

Minetest version: 0.4.9
Depends: default
Required Additional Mods: none
License: GPL v2
Source Code:
Download (.zip):

* After downloading, unzip the file.
* Rename the directory "destinations_fork-master" to "destinations"
* Copy the "destinations" directory into either
* If you put "destinations" in the ../minetest/mods/ directory, either
enable the mod from within Minetest's "Configure" button
(main menu, bottom right) or by adding this line to the
world's "" file:
load_mod_destinations = true