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##### LazyJ's Fork of Semmett9's "Fake Fire" Mod

This fork of 'Fake Fire' is based off of Semmett9's 2014_03_14 release of the

At, we have a creative-leaning Minetest server. Destruction by
arson is not something we like. When the Fake Fire mod was installed we finally
could make warm hearths and campfires without fear of burning down our builds.
We could also use Fake Fire to simulate things burning without worrying our
neighbors about the fires spreading and destroying their stuff.

As a creative bunch of Minetesters, we often come up with new ideas for things.
This fork of "Fake Fire" incorporates some of those ideas.

Semmett9's original version of this mod can be found here:


* Ad.Fly

Yes, it has advertisements. That's what helps to pay for hosting Semmett9's
website and server costs. Everything has a cost. Someone pays. Even when it
comes to so-called free, open-source software. Someone pays. Everything has a
cost. Try running your own business and you will understand. There are no
free lunches in life.

Ok, done ranting. ;)-

~ LazyJ, 2014_06_19

Minetest version: 0.4.10
Depends: default
Recommended Additional Mods: none
License: GPL v2
Source Code:
Download (.zip):

* After downloading, unzip the file.
* Rename the directory "fake_fire_fork-master" to "fake_fire"
* Copy the "fake_fire" directory into either
* If you put "fake_fire" in the ../minetest/mods/ directory, either
enable the mod from within Minetest's "Configure" button
(main menu, bottom right) or by adding this line to the
world's "" file:
load_mod_fake_fire = true