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MTSM - Minetest Server Manager

MTSM is a simple server manager with a tiny bash event manager. It requires no setup (except setting properties in the config.php script) and the start of MTSM's event manager. MTSM is released under the CC-BY-SA v3.0 unported.

MTSM was written by Chris Dorman, 2021


  • PHP5+
  • Minetest, Multicraft, Etc, installed and configured for your system.
  • Super user privleges for the event manager unless executed as the web server user.


  • Modify config.php to your needs
  • Visit page to generate mtm_db for flat file user database
  • Execute MTSM backend as SU: sudo ./start-mtsm start
  • Copy a fresh minetest source tree (compiled with binaries) into servers/ in a .tgz archive


minetest-current.tgz archive tree
  • servers/minetest-current.tgz

    • bin/
      • minetestserver
    • games/
      • devtest
      • minetest_game
      • ...

    and so on!

multicraft.tgz archive tree
  • servers/multicraft.tgz

    • bin/
      • multicraftserver
    • games/
      • devtest
      • minetest_game
      • ...

    and so on!

  • These archives are uncompressed by the event manager when each user creates a server. This step is crucial for an operating MTSM installation.

Mods / Gamepacks

  • Mods are sharable to all users, and should be copied to mods/ within the MTSM tree.
  • Minetest games should be installed, as a directory, in games/ within the MTSM tree.


2/03/2021 - v1.2

  • Can disable and enable registration tokens for register in config.php

2/03/2021 - v1.1b

  • CSS clean-up
  • Admin configuration of server max slots -> config.php

2/03/2021 - v1.1

  • Allow for user mods directory
  • Add user mod upload portal (ZIP only)
  • CSS tweaks
  • Bugfixes in mod reset function
  • Server creation cleanup
  • Administration panel for registration token generation and server management
  • User / Server delete functions TO BE ADDED

2/01/2021 - v1.0

  • Working PHP front end with user registeration and login
  • Working bash back end for server management
  • Allows each user to create 1 server, minetest-current or multicraft
  • Allows user ability to start / stop server
  • configure minetest.conf (to an extent)
  • PHP email validation via filter_var
  • Allows users the ability to enable mods, via mod menu.
  • User viewable logfile, minetest.conf, and soon


MTSM (C) Chris Dorman, 2021. MTSM is released under CC-BY-SA version 3.0 and is released as is. Any games / mods that are within the MTSM file tree are subject to their own license agreements and are in no way mine!