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--- Planck, a proof of concept micro distribution! ---

Included software:
* linux - Monolithic POSIX compliant kernel, version 5.9.1
* musl-libc - Lightweight variant of the GNU C library.
* dish - Simple shell with piping, tab completion, and history
* sbase - Suckless base distribution tools used in stali
* ubase - Suckless utilities used in stali
* smdev - Simple udev replacement
* sdhcp - Very simple DHCP daemon
* sinit - Suckless init, about as basic as it gets
* texor - Basic, yet functional C text editor!
* wgetlite - Wget functions in a chroot using planck
* tcc - Tiny C Compiler, size of a resume, might as well compile code as well!
* syslinux - For disk booting

Planck was thrown together by Chris Dorman, / (Pentium44)

Planck's build scripts are public domain and for learning purposes.
FOSS software used in Planck is subject to their own license agreements.