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Jails for Minetest 0.4


You can use * if you need to explicitly specify the default jail for a command.

  • /jail [Player] [Jail] - Jail a player or yourself. Note that it prefers players over jails if there are two of the same name.

    /jail player
    /jail player FooJail
    /jail FooJail  -- (the person running the command is jailed)
    /jail          -- ^
  • /unjail [Player] - Unjail a player or yourself.

    /unjail player
  • /add_jail [Jail] [X Y Z|X,Y,Z] - Adds a new jail at your coordinates or the ones specified.

    /add_jail foojail -32 8 128
    /add_jail foojail
    /add_jail -16 64 512  (These add a jail with the default name)
  • /remove_jail [Jail [NewJail]] - Removes a jail. Note: This will unjail any players jailed in the jail unless newJail is specified, in which case it will move them to the new jail.

    /remove_jail foojail barjail
    /remove_jail foojail
    /remove_jail * foojail  (Replaces the default jail with foojail)
    /remove_jail            (Removes default jail)
  • /list_jails [Jail] - Prints data about all jails or a jail, including their location and the captives in them. Output is in the format jailName (X,Y,Z): [captives]. Coordinates are rounded.

    /list_jails foojail
  • /move_jail [Jail] [X Y Z|X,Y,Z] - Move a jail

    /move_jail foobar 0 8 0
    /move_jail 0 8 0     (uses the default jail)
    /move_jail foobar    (set to your position)


Jails uses the main server configuration file for it's configuration. It uses the following settings:

  • jails.announce (default false) - If true, jailing and unjailing players will be announced globaly.


Jails has a simple API so that your mod can manipulate the jails. All of the functions that change data call jails:save(). Functions are documented in the format functionName(args) -> returnValue. Variables are documented in the format variableName = defaultValue.


  • jails:jail(playerName, [jailName]) -> success, message

    Jail a player in the specified jail. if jailName isn't passed the default jail will be used.

  • jails:unjail(playerName) -> success, message

    Unjail a player.

  • jails:getJail(playerName) -> (jailName, jail) or nil

    Checks if a player is jailed and returns the jail name and jail data or nil.

  • jails:add(jailName, pos) -> success, message

    Adds a new jail.

  • jails:remove([jailName, [newJail]]) -> success, message

    Removes a jail from the jail list, unjailing all captives or moving them to newJail.

  • jails:load() -> success, message

    Loads jail data from the jail file, this is automaticaly done on server startup and probably unnecessary after then.

  • jails:save() -> success, message

    Saves jails to the jail file, all of the above commands run this automaticaly.


  • jails.jails - A table of jails, indexed by name. Jails are of the form:

    	pos = {x=<x>, y=<y>, z=<z>},
    	captives = {
            <Player name> = {
                privs = <Original privileges>,
                pos = <Original position>,
  • jails.default - The name of the default jail. Read-only.