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7x11x13 4d9bf45bdb Fix downloading hidden tracks from a hidden playlist 4 months ago
7x11x13 593eb1613f Implement offset 4 months ago
7x11x13 7ac54a6823 Fix file size calculation 5 months ago
7x11x13 8866f9e85c v2.5.2 5 months ago
7x11x13 3d461850f7 Fix downloading 5 months ago
7x11x13 69ef01d05f Fix m4a downloading 5 months ago
7x11x13 698ce9396a Reimplement --min-size and --max-size 5 months ago
7x11x13 700071ab9e Allow user to provide just username instead of soundcloud.com URL 5 months ago
7x11x13 e30a93b3f6 Add --no-playlist option 5 months ago
7x11x13 c7d1089b8a Only publish on new tag pushed 5 months ago
7x11x13 5d93be6783 Publish to PyPI with GitHub Actions 5 months ago
7x11x13 1b51d930a4 Dynamically generate client_id if specified client_id is not valid 5 months ago
7x11x13 b6da47008a
Merge pull request #399 from christofdamian/fix-missing-created_at 5 months ago
Christof Damian 3a6529c65b Fix issue for limitting number of playlist entry downloads 5 months ago
7x11x13 8f6ac3a8f7 Remove typo 5 months ago
7x11x13 46bbf02778 Remove query string from input URL 5 months ago
7x11x13 23ca12e693 Download even if track is not streamable 6 months ago
7x11x13 cc22faf121 Prefer original file extension over mimetype guess 6 months ago
7x11x13 da8b9c2d86 Add support for downloading original files with secret tokens 6 months ago
7x11x13 94e2aea6d6 Add support for Python 3.6 6 months ago
7x11x13 0554fec199 Update README 6 months ago
7x11x13 f5f41705f3 Allow downloading of mobile links 6 months ago
7x11x13 0f6991077b Better error handling, return exit code 1 on errors 6 months ago
7x11x13 d79d55ff89 v2.2.4 6 months ago
7x11x13 c8d1adc7e4 Add --strict option, shorten converted .flac filenames to 255 bytes 6 months ago
7x11x13 bcb94b2e5e Exit with message if ffmpeg is not installed 6 months ago
7x11x13 d2ebc0feed Include default config file 6 months ago
7x11x13 13f1f5ef3c Raise error if default config file cannot be read 6 months ago
7x11x13 03be1c45db Reimplement 'me' downloading 6 months ago
7x11x13 0d8380939f Use 7x11x13 fork 6 months ago
TheTechRobo 6610eb4421
Add --flac to readme (#372) 6 months ago
def-hash 8dbe937a22
added missing headers to another request (#385) 6 months ago
Tim Gates 6dd6ef713b
docs: fix simple typo, occured -> occurred (#358) 1 year ago
Michel Faria 28a35f6cd0
Program should refuse to run with an informative error message if ffmpeg is not found in PATH (#350) 2 years ago
flyingrub 73bf81221a Add a --no-album-tag option to prevent track to get the same album art on some player 2 years ago
flyingrub 9ffac3393e Add a --force-metadata option to add the metadata to downloaded file 2 years ago
flyingrub 9382b39512 Fix already downloaded 2 years ago
flyingrub 29ee406bc0 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:flyingrub/scdl 2 years ago
flyingrub 83c076a216 Skip metadata if file already exist 2 years ago
hgabs b0a164f843
Fix missing check for geoblocked tracks (#332) (#334) 2 years ago
Daniele Pusceddu 9c32085723
Add track number metadata when downloading playlists (#330) 2 years ago
flyingrub 075d0fa4d1 Fix original download detection 2 years ago
flyingrub 63045813ce Merge branch 'master' of github.com:flyingrub/scdl 2 years ago
flyingrub 99043072d7 Fix typo 2 years ago
Charlie Vieth 41d4503722
respect XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable (#312) 2 years ago
flyingrub 71a8867403 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:flyingrub/scdl 2 years ago
flyingrub 84bca6240a fix #320, only get more info when needed 2 years ago
Ronan 668bc97ce7
Update README.md 2 years ago
flyingrub ebc611dbb3 Fix soundcloud url 2 years ago
SpicyPlatform 29fb8c3f56
using README.md to generate pypi long description (#316) 2 years ago