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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
"""scdl allows you to download music from Soundcloud
scdl -l <track_url> [-a | -f | -C | -t | -p | -r][-c | --force-metadata][-n <maxtracks>]
[-o <offset>][--hidewarnings][--debug | --error][--path <path>][--addtofile][--addtimestamp]
[--onlymp3][--hide-progress][--min-size <size>][--max-size <size>][--remove][--no-album-tag]
[--no-playlist-folder][--download-archive <file>][--extract-artist][--flac][--original-art]
[--original-name][--no-original][--only-original][--name-format <format>]
[--playlist-name-format <format>][--client-id <id>][--auth-token <token>][--overwrite]
scdl -h | --help
scdl --version
-h --help Show this screen
--version Show version
-l [url] URL can be track/playlist/user
-n [maxtracks] Download the n last tracks of a playlist according to the creation date
-s Download the stream of a user (token needed)
-a Download all tracks of user (including reposts)
-t Download all uploads of a user (no reposts)
-f Download all favorites of a user
-C Download all commented by a user
-p Download all playlists of a user
-r Download all reposts of user
-c Continue if a downloaded file already exists
--force-metadata This will set metadata on already downloaded track
-o [offset] Begin with a custom offset
--addtimestamp Add track creation timestamp to filename,
which allows for chronological sorting
--addtofile Add artist to filename if missing
--debug Set log level to DEBUG
--download-archive [file] Keep track of track IDs in an archive file,
and skip already-downloaded files
--error Set log level to ERROR
--extract-artist Set artist tag from title instead of username
--hide-progress Hide the wget progress bar
--hidewarnings Hide Warnings. (use with precaution)
--max-size [max-size] Skip tracks larger than size (k/m/g)
--min-size [min-size] Skip tracks smaller than size (k/m/g)
--no-playlist-folder Download playlist tracks into main directory,
instead of making a playlist subfolder
--onlymp3 Download only the streamable mp3 file,
even if track has a Downloadable file
--path [path] Use a custom path for downloaded files
--remove Remove any files not downloaded from execution
--flac Convert original files to .flac
--no-album-tag On some player track get the same cover art if from the same album, this prevent it
--original-art Download original cover art
--original-name Do not change name of original file downloads
--no-original Do not download original file; only mp3 or m4a
--only-original Only download songs with original file available
--name-format [format] Specify the downloaded file name format
--playlist-name-format [format] Specify the downloaded file name format, if it is being downloaded as part of a playlist
--client-id [id] Specify the client_id to use
--auth-token [token] Specify the auth token to use
--overwrite Overwrite file if it already exists
import configparser
import logging
import mimetypes
import pathlib
import os
import re
import shutil
import signal
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile
import time
import warnings
from dataclasses import asdict
import mutagen
from mutagen.easymp4 import EasyMP4
EasyMP4.RegisterTextKey("website", "purl")
import requests
from clint.textui import progress
from docopt import docopt
from pathvalidate import sanitize_filename
from soundcloud import BasicAlbumPlaylist, BasicTrack, MiniTrack, SoundCloud
from scdl import __version__, utils
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format="%(message)s")
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
fileToKeep = []
def main():
Main function, parses the URL from command line arguments
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal_handler)
# Parse arguments
arguments = docopt(__doc__, version=__version__)
python_args = {
"offset": 1
if arguments["--debug"]:
logger.level = logging.DEBUG
elif arguments["--error"]:
logger.level = logging.ERROR
if "XDG_CONFIG_HOME" in os.environ:
config_file = pathlib.Path(os.environ["XDG_CONFIG_HOME"], "scdl", "scdl.cfg")
config_file = pathlib.Path.home().joinpath(".config", "scdl", "scdl.cfg")
# import conf file
config = get_config(config_file)
# change download path
path = config["scdl"]["path"]
if os.path.exists(path):
logger.error(f"Invalid download path '{path}' in {config_file}")
sys.exit(-1)"Soundcloud Downloader")
if not arguments["--client-id"]:
arguments["--client-id"] = config["scdl"]["client_id"]
if not arguments["--auth-token"]:
arguments["--auth-token"] = config["scdl"]["auth_token"]
client_id, token = arguments["--client-id"], arguments["--auth-token"]
client = SoundCloud(client_id, token if token else None)
if not client.is_client_id_valid():
raise ValueError(f"client_id is not valid")
if token and not client.is_auth_token_valid():
raise ValueError(f"auth_token is not valid")
if arguments["-o"] is not None:
python_args["offset"] = int(arguments["-o"])
if python_args["offset"] < 1:
raise ValueError()
logger.error("Offset should be a positive integer...")
logger.debug("offset: %d", python_args["offset"])
if arguments["--min-size"] is not None:
arguments["--min-size"] = utils.size_in_bytes(arguments["--min-size"])
"Min size should be an integer with a possible unit suffix"
logger.debug("min-size: %d", arguments["--min-size"])
if arguments["--max-size"] is not None:
arguments["--max-size"] = utils.size_in_bytes(arguments["--max-size"])
logger.error("Max size should be an integer with a possible unit suffix")
logger.debug("max-size: %d", arguments["--max-size"])
if arguments["--hidewarnings"]:
if arguments["--path"] is not None:
if os.path.exists(arguments["--path"]):
logger.error("Invalid path in arguments...")
logger.debug("Downloading to " + os.getcwd() + "...")
if not arguments["--name-format"]:
arguments["--name-format"] = config["scdl"]["name_format"]
if not arguments["--playlist-name-format"]:
arguments["--playlist-name-format"] = config["scdl"]["playlist_name_format"]
# convert arguments dict to python_args (kwargs-friendly args)
for key, value in arguments.items():
key = key.strip("-").replace("-", "_")
python_args[key] = value
if arguments["-l"]:
download_url(client, **python_args)
if arguments["--remove"]:
def get_config(config_file: pathlib.Path) -> configparser.ConfigParser:
Gets config from scdl.cfg
config = configparser.ConfigParser()
default_config_file = pathlib.Path(__file__).with_name("scdl.cfg")
# load default config first
# load config file if it exists
if config_file.exists():
# save config to disk
config_file.parent.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
with open(config_file, "w", encoding="UTF-8") as f:
return config
def download_url(client: SoundCloud, **kwargs):
Detects if a URL is a track or a playlist, and parses the track(s)
to the track downloader
url = kwargs.get("l")
item = client.resolve(url)
if not item:
elif item.kind == "track":"Found a track")
download_track(client, item, **kwargs)
elif item.kind == "playlist":"Found a playlist")
download_playlist(client, item, **kwargs)
elif item.kind == "user":
user = item"Found a user profile")
if kwargs.get("f"):"Retrieving all likes of user {user.username}...")
resources = client.get_user_likes(, limit=1000)
for i, like in enumerate(resources, 1):"like n°{i} of {user.likes_count}")
if hasattr(like, "track"):
download_track(client, like.track, **kwargs)
elif hasattr(like, "playlist"):
download_playlist(client, client.get_playlist(, **kwargs)
raise ValueError(f"Unknown like type {like}")"Downloaded all likes of user {user.username}!")
elif kwargs.get("C"):"Retrieving all commented tracks of user {user.username}...")
resources = client.get_user_comments(, limit=1000)
for i, comment in enumerate(resources, 1):"comment n°{i} of {user.comments_count}")
download_track(client, client.get_track(, **kwargs)"Downloaded all commented tracks of user {user.username}!")
elif kwargs.get("t"):"Retrieving all tracks of user {user.username}...")
resources = client.get_user_tracks(, limit=1000)
for i, track in enumerate(resources, 1):"track n°{i} of {user.track_count}")
download_track(client, track, **kwargs)"Downloaded all tracks of user {user.username}!")
elif kwargs.get("a"):"Retrieving all tracks & reposts of user {user.username}...")
resources = client.get_user_stream(, limit=1000)
for i, item in enumerate(resources, 1):"item n°{i} of {user.track_count + user.reposts_count if user.reposts_count else '?'}")
if item.type in ("track", "track-repost"):
download_track(client, item.track, **kwargs)
elif item.type in ("playlist", "playlist-repost"):
download_playlist(client, item.playlist, **kwargs)
raise ValueError(f"Unknown item type {item.type}")"Downloaded all tracks & reposts of user {user.username}!")
elif kwargs.get("p"):"Retrieving all playlists of user {user.username}...")
resources = client.get_user_playlists(, limit=1000)
for i, playlist in enumerate(resources, 1):"playlist n°{i} of {user.playlist_count}")
download_playlist(client, playlist, **kwargs)"Downloaded all playlists of user {user.username}!")
elif kwargs.get("r"):"Retrieving all reposts of user {user.username}...")
resources = client.get_user_reposts(, limit=1000)
for i, item in enumerate(resources, 1):"item n°{i} of {user.reposts_count or '?'}")
if item.type == "track-repost":
download_track(client, item.track, **kwargs)
elif item.type == "playlist-repost":
download_playlist(client, item.playlist, **kwargs)
raise ValueError(f"Unknown item type {item.type}")"Downloaded all reposts of user {user.username}!")
logger.error("Please provide a download type...")
logger.error("Unknown item type {0}".format(item.kind))
def remove_files():
Removes any pre-existing tracks that were not just downloaded
""""Removing local track files that were not downloaded...")
files = [f for f in os.listdir(".") if os.path.isfile(f)]
for f in files:
if f not in fileToKeep:
def download_playlist(client: SoundCloud, playlist: BasicAlbumPlaylist, **kwargs):
Downloads a playlist
playlist_name = playlist.title.encode("utf-8", "ignore")
playlist_name = playlist_name.decode("utf8")
playlist_name = sanitize_filename(playlist_name)
if not kwargs.get("no_playlist_folder"):
if not os.path.exists(playlist_name):
if kwargs.get("n"): # Order by creation date and get the n lasts tracks
key=lambda track: track.created_at, reverse=True
playlist.tracks = playlist.tracks[: int(kwargs.get("n"))]
del playlist.tracks[: kwargs.get("offset") - 1]
tracknumber_digits = len(str(len(playlist.tracks)))
for counter, track in enumerate(playlist.tracks, kwargs.get("offset")):
logger.debug(track)"Track n°{counter}")
playlist_info = {
"author": playlist.user.username,
"title": playlist.title,
"tracknumber": str(counter).zfill(tracknumber_digits),
if isinstance(track, MiniTrack):
track = client.get_track(
download_track(client, track, playlist_info, **kwargs)
if not kwargs.get("no_playlist_folder"):
def try_utime(path, filetime):
os.utime(path, (time.time(), filetime))
logger.error("Cannot update utime of file")
def get_filename(track: BasicTrack, original_filename=None, aac=False, playlist_info=None, **kwargs):
if kwargs.get("original_name") and original_filename:
return original_filename
username = track.user.username
title = track.title.encode("utf-8", "ignore").decode("utf-8")
if kwargs.get("addtofile"):
if username not in title and "-" not in title:
title = "{0} - {1}".format(username, title)
logger.debug('Adding "{0}" to filename'.format(username))
timestamp = str(int(track.created_at.timestamp()))
if kwargs.get("addtimestamp"):
title = timestamp + "_" + title
if not kwargs.get("addtofile") and not kwargs.get("addtimestamp"):
if playlist_info:
title = kwargs.get("playlist_name_format").format(**asdict(track), playlist=playlist_info, timestamp=timestamp)
title = kwargs.get("name_format").format(**asdict(track), timestamp=timestamp)
ext = ".m4a" if aac else ".mp3" # contain aac in m4a to write metadata
if original_filename is not None:
original_filename.encode("utf-8", "ignore").decode("utf8")
ext = os.path.splitext(original_filename)[1]
# get filename to 255 bytes
while len(title.encode("utf-8")) > 255 - len(ext.encode("utf-8")):
title = title[:-1]
filename = title + ext.lower()
filename = sanitize_filename(filename)
return filename
def download_original_file(client: SoundCloud, track: BasicTrack, title: str, playlist_info=None, **kwargs):"Downloading the original file.")
# Get the requests stream
url = client.get_track_original_download(
if not url:"Could not get original download link")
return (None, False)
r = requests.get(url, stream=True)
if r.status_code == 401:"The original file has no download left.")
return (None, False)
if r.status_code == 404:"Could not get name from stream - using basic name")
return (None, False)
# Find filename
d = r.headers.get("content-disposition")
filename = re.findall("filename=(.+)", d)[0]
filename, ext = os.path.splitext(filename)
# Find file extension
mime = r.headers.get("content-type")
ext = mimetypes.guess_extension(mime) or ext
filename += ext
filename = get_filename(track, filename, playlist_info=playlist_info, **kwargs)
logger.debug(f"filename : {filename}")
# Skip if file ID or filename already exists
if already_downloaded(track, title, filename, **kwargs):
if kwargs.get("flac") and can_convert(filename):
filename = filename[:-4] + ".flac"
return (filename, True)
# Write file
total_length = int(r.headers.get("content-length"))
temp = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(delete=False)
received = 0
with temp as f:
for chunk in
expected_size=(total_length / 1024) + 1,
hide=True if kwargs.get("hide_progress") else False,
if chunk:
received += len(chunk)
if received != total_length:
logger.error("connection closed prematurely, download incomplete")
shutil.move(, os.path.join(os.getcwd(), filename))
if kwargs.get("flac") and can_convert(filename):"Converting to .flac...")
newfilename = filename[:-4] + ".flac"
commands = ["ffmpeg", "-i", filename, newfilename, "-loglevel", "error"]
logger.debug(f"Commands: {commands}")
filename = newfilename
return (filename, False)
def get_track_m3u8(client: SoundCloud, track: BasicTrack, aac=False):
url = None
for transcoding in
if transcoding.format.protocol == "hls":
if (not aac and transcoding.format.mime_type == "audio/mpeg") or (
aac and transcoding.format.mime_type.startswith("audio/mp4")
url = transcoding.url
if url is not None:
headers = client.get_default_headers()
if client.auth_token:
headers["Authorization"] = f"OAuth {client.auth_token}"
r = requests.get(url, params={"client_id": client.client_id}, headers=headers)
return r.json()["url"]
def download_hls(client: SoundCloud, track: BasicTrack, title: str, playlist_info=None, **kwargs):
if kwargs["onlymp3"]:
aac = False
aac = any(
for t in
filename = get_filename(track, None, aac, playlist_info, **kwargs)
logger.debug(f"filename : {filename}")
# Skip if file ID or filename already exists
if already_downloaded(track, title, filename, **kwargs):
return (filename, True)
# Get the requests stream
url = get_track_m3u8(client, track, aac)
filename_path = os.path.abspath(filename)
p =
["ffmpeg", "-i", url, "-c", "copy", filename_path, "-loglevel", "error"],
if p.stderr:
return (filename, False)
def download_track(client: SoundCloud, track: BasicTrack, playlist_info=None, **kwargs):
Downloads a track
title = track.title
title = title.encode("utf-8", "ignore").decode("utf8")"Downloading {title}")
# Not streamable
if not track.streamable:
logger.error(f"{title} is not streamable...")
# Geoblocked track
if track.policy == "BLOCK":
logger.error(f"{title} is not available in your location...\n")
# Downloadable track
filename = None
is_already_downloaded = False
if (
and track.has_downloads_left
and not kwargs["onlymp3"]
and not kwargs.get("no_original")
filename, is_already_downloaded = download_original_file(client, track, title, playlist_info, **kwargs)
if filename is None:
if kwargs.get("only_original"):'Track "{title}" does not have original file available. Skipping...')
filename, is_already_downloaded = download_hls(client, track, title, playlist_info, **kwargs)
if kwargs.get("remove"):
record_download_archive(track, **kwargs)
# Skip if file ID or filename already exists
if is_already_downloaded and not kwargs.get("force_metadata"):'Track "{title}" already downloaded.')
# If file does not exist an error occurred
if not os.path.isfile(filename):
logger.error(f"An error occurred downloading {filename}.\n")
# Try to set the metadata
if (
or filename.endswith(".flac")
or filename.endswith(".m4a")
set_metadata(track, filename, playlist_info, **kwargs)
logger.exception("Error trying to set the tags...")
logger.error("This type of audio doesn't support tagging...")
# Try to change the real creation date
filetime = int(time.mktime(track.created_at.timetuple()))
try_utime(filename, filetime)"{filename} Downloaded.\n")
def can_convert(filename):
ext = os.path.splitext(filename)[1]
return "wav" in ext or "aif" in ext
def already_downloaded(track: BasicTrack, title: str, filename: str, **kwargs):
Returns True if the file has already been downloaded
already_downloaded = False
if os.path.isfile(filename):
already_downloaded = True
if kwargs.get("overwrite"):
already_downloaded = False
if (
and can_convert(filename)
and os.path.isfile(filename[:-4] + ".flac")
already_downloaded = True
if kwargs.get("overwrite"):
os.remove(filename[:-4] + ".flac")
already_downloaded = False
if kwargs.get("download_archive") and in_download_archive(track, **kwargs):
already_downloaded = True
if kwargs.get("flac") and can_convert(filename) and os.path.isfile(filename):
already_downloaded = False
if already_downloaded:
if kwargs.get("c") or kwargs.get("remove") or kwargs.get("force_metadata"):
return True
logger.error(f'Track "{title}" already exists!')
logger.error("Exiting... (run again with -c to continue)")
return False
def in_download_archive(track: BasicTrack, **kwargs):
Returns True if a track_id exists in the download archive
if not kwargs.get("download_archive"):
archive_filename = kwargs.get("download_archive")
with open(archive_filename, "a+", encoding="utf-8") as file:
track_id = str(
for line in file:
if line.strip() == track_id:
return True
except IOError as ioe:
logger.error("Error trying to read download archive...")
return False
def record_download_archive(track: BasicTrack, **kwargs):
Write the track_id in the download archive
if not kwargs.get("download_archive"):
archive_filename = kwargs.get("download_archive")
with open(archive_filename, "a", encoding="utf-8") as file:
except IOError as ioe:
logger.error("Error trying to write to download archive...")
def set_metadata(track: BasicTrack, filename: str, playlist_info=None, **kwargs):
Sets the mp3 file metadata using the Python module Mutagen
""""Setting tags...")
artwork_url = track.artwork_url
user = track.user
if not artwork_url:
artwork_url = user.avatar_url
response = None
if kwargs.get("original_art"):
new_artwork_url = artwork_url.replace("large", "original")
response = requests.get(new_artwork_url, stream=True)
if response.headers["Content-Type"] not in (
response = None
if response is None:
new_artwork_url = artwork_url.replace("large", "t500x500")
response = requests.get(new_artwork_url, stream=True)
if response.headers["Content-Type"] not in (
response = None
if response is None:
logger.error(f"Could not get cover art at {new_artwork_url}")
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as out_file:
if response:
shutil.copyfileobj(response.raw, out_file) = track.created_at.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H::%M::%S")
track.artist = user.username
if kwargs.get("extract_artist"):
for dash in [" - ", "", "", "", ""]:
if dash in track.title:
artist_title = track.title.split(dash)
track.artist = artist_title[0].strip()
track.title = artist_title[1].strip()
audio = mutagen.File(filename, easy=True)
audio["title"] = track.title
audio["artist"] = track.artist
if track.genre:
audio["genre"] = track.genre
if track.permalink_url:
audio["website"] = track.permalink_url
audio["date"] =
if playlist_info:
if not kwargs.get("no_album_tag"):
audio["album"] = playlist_info["title"]
audio["tracknumber"] = str(playlist_info["tracknumber"])
a = mutagen.File(filename)
if track.description:
if a.__class__ == mutagen.flac.FLAC:
a["description"] = track.description
elif a.__class__ == mutagen.mp3.MP3:
a["COMM"] = mutagen.id3.COMM(
encoding=3, lang="ENG", text=track.description
elif a.__class__ == mutagen.mp4.MP4:
a["\xa9cmt"] = track.description
if response:
if a.__class__ == mutagen.flac.FLAC:
p = mutagen.flac.Picture() =
p.mime = "image/jpeg"
p.type = mutagen.id3.PictureType.COVER_FRONT
elif a.__class__ == mutagen.mp3.MP3:
a["APIC"] = mutagen.id3.APIC(
elif a.__class__ == mutagen.mp4.MP4:
a["covr"] = [mutagen.mp4.MP4Cover(]
def signal_handler(signal, frame):
Handle keyboard interrupt
""""\nGood bye!")
def is_ffmpeg_available():
Returns true if ffmpeg is available in the operating system
return shutil.which("ffmpeg") is not None
if __name__ == "__main__":