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# Soundcloud Music Downloader ## Changelog Current state : [Here](


This script is able to download music from It should work with OS X, Linux, Windows.

System requirements

  • Python3
  • You need this lib to install it with pip correctly python3-dev



  1. Install scdl pip3 install scdl
  2. Setup your path &/or your auth_token in $HOME/.config/scdl/scdl.cfg

Auth_token :

get your auth token here :

  • This permitt scdl to access to your user profile data.
  • For now scdl use it only to use scdl me [OPTIONS] instead of scdl -l [url] [OPTIONS]
  • (soon) scdl will download an user's stream thanks to this



  scdl -l <track_url> [-a | -f | -t | -p][-c][-o <offset>][--hidewarnings][--addtofile]
  scdl me (-s | -a | -f | -t | -p)[-c][-o <offset>][--hidewarnings][--addtofile]
  scdl -h | --help
  scdl --version


  -h --help          Show this screen.
  --version          Show version.
  me                 Use the user profile from the auth_token
  -l [url]           URL can be track/playlist/user.
  -s                 Download the stream of an user (token needed)
  -a                 Download all track of an user (including repost)
  -t                 Download all upload of an user
  -f                 Download all favorite of an user
  -p                 Download all playlist of an user
  -c                 Continue if a music already exist
  -o [offset]        Begin with a custom offset.
  --hidewarnings     Hide Warnings. (use with precaution)
  --addtofile        Add the artist name to the filename if it isn't in the filename already
  --path             Path to download directory, can be set in the config. If none of this is set, it uses the current working directory


  • Automatically detect which kind of Soundcloud's link you have provided
  • Download all song of an user
  • Download all song & repost of an user
  • Download all song of one playlist
  • Download all song of all playlist of an user
  • Download all song of an user's favorites
  • Set the tags with mutagen (title / Arstist name / album = 'Soundcloud' / Artwork)

Old version


GPL v2, orignal author Flyingrub