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Note: creative_enhanced and inventory_enhanced are interdepedendent, gamemode is optional.


This component is needed by inventory enhanced to handle creative gameplay

inventory enhanced

A reworked version of the default minetest inventory.

  • Adds a searching field to the creative inventory
  • Adds a trash
  • Toggles dynamically when gamemode is used

Depends on default, creative_enhanced and (optionnaly) gamemode


Requires the 'gamemode' privilege.

This component adds the ability to dynamically change your gamemode. Commands are:

/gamemode 0 --> survival
/gamemode 1 --> creative

/gm -->shortcommand

Note : gamemode's creative keeps the damage settings from minetest.conf (not a god mode)

Gamemode also comes with an API :

 -- register a function which gets executed when the gamemode of a player is changed
 gamemode.register_on_change = function(func)

Example with inventory_enhanced :

-- register an inventory change if gamemode is enabled
if gamemode then
	gamemode.register_on_change(function(name, mode)
		local player = minetest.get_player_by_name(name)
		if mode == 1 then
			inventory_enhanced.set_creative_formspec(player, 0, 1)
		elseif mode == 0 then

Licence :

GNU lgpl 2.1

Credit :

Based on the default mod 'creative' by Perttu Ahola (celeron55)