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luk3yx's unofficial Minetest snap

This is my unofficial Minetest snap package, derived from the Minetest snap in the snappy playpen.


This snap is now deprecated, you should install the minetest snap instead. I will probably continue to update it, however I will not guarantee that it will have the latest version of Minetest.

NOTE: The snapcraft.yaml here is now mostly copied from the official snap.

How to install

Using sudo: (Ubuntu & Derivatives)

$ sudo snap install minetest-luk3yx

Using su:

$ su -c 'snap install minetest-luk3yx'

Note: Make sure that snapd is installed before running the above commands.

Unstable builds

You can find unstable builds here.


What is a snap?

Snaps are universal Linux packages.

Where can I find a forum topic for this?

You can find it here.

How do I install snapd?

Debian, Ubuntu, and Ubuntu derivatives:

sudo apt install snapd


sudo zypper addrepo snappy
sudo zypper install snapd

Arch Linux:

sudo pacman -S snapd
sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket


Credit to for the resources shown in the FAQ.