62 Commits (master)

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sfan5 042131d91d
Mainmenu: Improve "Join Game" tab (#11078) 6 months ago
Wuzzy 827224635b
Use "Aux1" key name consistently everywhere 7 months ago
Zughy 92aac69b36
"Browse online content" formspec improvement (#10756) 9 months ago
Andrey 5066fe7583
MainMenu: Add clear button and icon for search input (#10363) 9 months ago
Wuzzy 808fa5ecb3
Improve default inventory+wield images of node drawtypes (#9299) 1 year ago
rubenwardy 850af80089
Add buttons to ContentDB in game bar and configure world (#9944) 1 year ago
rubenwardy 9a64a9fd94
Update ContentDB dialog (#9949) 1 year ago
Wuzzy 6e1372bd89
Add support for statbar “off state” icons (#9462) 1 year ago
Wuzzy 3ad92baa9c Tweak default textures (#9237) 2 years ago
Wuzzy 524442fc5e Add 4 missing fallback/default textures (#8845) 2 years ago
Paramat b52a79076d
Add player sprite textures back into the engine as a fallback (#8823) 2 years ago
Paramat 6f426056f1
Mirror 'sunrisebg' texture to fix chopped right edge (#7935) 3 years ago
stujones11 48208c1cd2 Re-master and improve touchscreen gui icons (#7931) 3 years ago
stujones11 3b11288989 Android: Improve UI scaling on smaller high-density displays (#7834) 3 years ago
Paramat e369eb1a9b
Android buttons: Inset 'rare controls', inset and resize 'gear icon' (#7792) 3 years ago
Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto 7ebc229b0d Android: Add 'aux' button (#7477) 3 years ago
Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto ad3d1d20d1 Android: Resize jump and sneak buttons' touch target (#7498) 3 years ago
rubenwardy 122eed7a34
Add screenshots to online content browser 3 years ago
Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto b1e58c9c35 Android: Modify touch screen GUI's buttons (#7240) 3 years ago
Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto 326eeca306 Android: Replace movement buttons with joystick (#7126) 4 years ago
Tre 5ef9056e89 Add a refresh button to the serverlist (#6957) 4 years ago
Jens Rottmann 7cd1251d83 Minimap: Leaner minimap arrow makes it easier to see the direction 4 years ago
kilbith 2baa191a64 GUI: Convert loading screen's progress bar to image (#5362) 5 years ago
Wuzzy f5d4494a51 Add textures for air and ignore items (#5196) 5 years ago
kilbith 03b34cb3dd Serverlist: Add ping indicators (#5164) 5 years ago
RealBadAngel 68f5b877c7 Halo: Highlight selected face 6 years ago
paramat 61e112b43b Textures: New 'smoke puff' texture from TNT mod 5 years ago
Wuzzy 2cb0f649f4 Main menu, lua_api.txt: Fix mod/texture pack screenshot size issues 5 years ago
paramat 9b437088df Textures: Replace menu background fallback dirt_bg.png with empty sky texture 6 years ago
kilbith 65db88d24e Mainmenu: Unify favorite servers with main serverlist 6 years ago
Auke Kok 3b43e7e87c Minimap: revert change from RGBA to Indexed 6 years ago
Auke Kok af799d4bd2 Minimap: "North" indicator arrow for circle minimap 6 years ago
Jean-Patrick Guerrero 0fde86dd93 Update menu header image 6 years ago
ShadowNinja b114fd87a9 Resize object_marker_red.png to 16x16 6 years ago
RealBadAngel 5f4ed94d90 Minimap: show player markers 6 years ago
RealBadAngel b44da4916a Cleanup selection mesh code, add shaders for halo and selection boxes 6 years ago
Sapier 06632205d8 Android: Implement Autohiding button bars to cleanup screen 6 years ago
Maksim Gamarnik 5d88501a57 Compress textures and fonts 6 years ago
RealBadAngel 655fc6010f Fix relief mapping issues 6 years ago
RealBadAngel ffd16e3fec Add minimap feature 6 years ago
rubenwardy b13809f0c0 Use frame instead of words 'no screenshot available' 7 years ago
Kodexky 62feade05d Add extra buttons to Android GUI. All icons are licensed by freepik.com under CC BY 3.0 7 years ago
Kahrl 0483f91f30 Regenerate server_flags_creative.png from XCF 7 years ago
Kahrl 17dde5ddd0 Fix background of creative icon (was black, now transparent) 7 years ago
Kahrl 733d3182bd Display serverlist flags as icons 7 years ago
SmallJoker 19ccc27d37 Fix MSVC compiling warnings and remove an unused texture 7 years ago
RealBadAngel 8da3136183 Change default halo.png for better visibility. 7 years ago
RealBadAngel 58e6d25e03 Node highlighting. 7 years ago
sapier 1cc40c0a7c Add support for Android 2.3+ 8 years ago
sapier 7b3602bab3 Fix regression dirt texture not beeing default in non cloud menu 7 years ago