Final Minetest - Please use Linux & Windows build kits at:
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OldCoder 101a1e5203 Fix a crash in "core.wallmounted_to_dir" 1 month ago
async Initial commit 1 year ago
client Bug fixes and improvements related to Lua and CSM 2 months ago
common Add table.shuffle (#8299) 5 months ago
fstk Initial commit 1 year ago
game Fix a crash in "core.wallmounted_to_dir" 1 month ago
mainmenu Changes related to liquid waving shader (#8418) 7 months ago
profiler Selected Ninja Kitten patches 2020-02-12 to 2020-03-03 4 months ago
init.lua Add a game-mode setup module. 1 year ago
settingtypes.txt Allow wave_heights up to two nodes (#9220) 6 months ago