Final Minetest - Please use Linux & Windows build kits at:
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Final Minetest

  1. For the old contents, including copyright and license information for components created through Spring 2017, see the file “”.

  2. For build instructions, updated documentation, build instructions, and components such as “_games”, worlds, and schems, visit:

  1. Features are described at:

  1. Other useful links:


Bucket City:

Angkor Wat:


  1. There are now build kits that are used to build Linux and Windows packages. Both types of builds are done on 64-bit Linux hosts regardless of the target OS or machine word size.

The old engine build procedure still works, but it’s recommended that the build kits be used instead.

The build kits include source code and build scripts for gcc, g++, Irrlicht, LuaJit, SQLite3, and other packages. In some cases, the copies provided offer performance or feature improvements.

  1. Other issues to be aware of:

6.1. The old “buildbot” code is obsolete and has been removed. Use the build kits instead.

6.2. Due to work on 100s of commits, “doc/lua_api.txt” is out of sync. It’s useful as a rough guide, but parts related to newer commits need revisions.