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MrS0m30n3 190e0a8343 Update translation files 5 years ago
data Remove unused OSX icon 6 years ago
locale Update translation files 5 years ago Check if youtube-dl exists during startup 5 years ago Check options type when loading from settings.json 7 years ago PipeReader now works only with 'str' types 5 years ago Disable automatic check for youtube-dl when disable_update is set 5 years ago Add flac audio format. Closes #234 5 years ago Update __projecturl__ to HTTPS 5 years ago Convert between str-unicode on app bounds, fixes #57 6 years ago Inform user when updates are disabled 5 years ago Fix error in language combobox 5 years ago Use patched os.path.exists from 5 years ago Patch for the 'test_parse_cmd_args_with_quotes' test case 5 years ago Decrement update timeout to 10 seconds 5 years ago Set locale automatically during the first run 5 years ago Bump version -> 0.4 5 years ago ListBoxPopup: Update constructor parameters 6 years ago