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Required arguments are enclosed in < and >, optional arguments are enclosed in [ and ]

$botname refers to the name of the IRC bot, e.g. MinetestBot

Command Description Restrictions
!join <channel> [key] Join the specified channel Admin-only
!part <channel> Leave the specified channel Admin-only
!quit Disconnect from IRC server Owner-only
$botname: quit Disconnect from IRC server Owner-only
!msg <channel/user> <message>Send message to channel or user Admin-only
!me <channel/user> <message>Send action to channel or user Admin-only
!ignore <user> Add user to ignore list Admin-only
!unignore <user> Remove user from ignore list Admin-only
!listignore List all ignored users Admin-only
!c <expression> Calculate expression
!op [nick] ... Op nick (or yourself) Admin-only
!deop [nick] ... Deop nick (or yourself) Admin-only
!voice [nick] ... Voice nick (or yourself) Admin-only
!devoice [nick] ... Devoice nick (or yourself) Admin-only
!ban <nick/mask> ... Ban nick or mask Admin-only
!unban <nick/mask> ... Unban nick or mask Admin-only
!mute <nick/mask> ... Mute nick or mask Admin-only
!unmute <nick/mask> ... Unmute nick or mask Admin-only
!kick <nick> [message] Kick nick with message Admin-only
(hi|hello|hey) $botname Reply with (Hi|Hello|Hey)( |!)
$botname: reload <module>Reloads specified module Admin-only
!rev <string> Reverse String
!b64e <string> Base64-encode a string
!b64d <string> Base64-decode a string
!rand [min] <max> Get a random number inside [min, max]
!seen <person> Reports when person was last seen
!server [query] ... Search servers from
addr:<string> searches in Address
name:<string> searches in Server name
players:<modifier> uses Player count
- most servers with most players
- least servers with least players
- >N servers with less than N players
- <N servers with more than N players
- [=]N servers with exactly N players
ping:<modifier> uses Ping
- same modifiers as players:
port:<modifier> uses Port
- same modifiers as players:
i:N/last return server at index N
random pick random server (default)
!up <IP/hostname> [port] Check if Minetest server is responding
!title [link] Get page title of given URL (or last seen)
!wik <term> Query for term
!dev <term> Query for term
!rtfm [nick] Give links to wiki and dev wiki
!questions [nick] Link to ESR's "How to ask smart questions"
!next Say: "Another satisfied customer. Next!"
!pil [nick] Link to Lua PIL and manual
!git [nick] Link to Git manual
!api [nick] Link to API docs
!btc [currency] Get Bitcoin price for specified currency
!tell <nick> <message> Tell somebody a message
!mod <modname> Searches for a mod
!book <term> Searches for a chapter/page in the modding book