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This is the source repository for Voxelands ( art
assets. The source files for blender models and gimp textures are kept

If you add a file to this repo, add it to the ASSETS list below with a
brief description, and your name or nickname.
If you modify a file in this repo, add your name or nickname to the
list of names that follow that file's name in this file.
See the example asset item below.

All assets in this repository are released under the Creative Commons
By Attribution Share Alike Unported license.


File: example_asset.blend
Description: A non-existant example for this section of the readme file
Creators/Contributors: darkrose

File: kitty/kitty.blend
Description: Blender source file for the kitty model, with armature and
animation. Animations - walk, stand, sit, and attack/jump.
Creators/Contributors: Gwinna (, elky

File: kitty/kitty.xcf
Description: Gimp source file for kitty textures. 4 layers, original
siamese by Gwinna, grey tabby, ginger tabby and white kitty by elky.
Creators/Contributors: Gwinna (, elky

File: sheep/sheep.xcf
Description: Gimp source file for sheep textures. 2 textures, normal
and sheared.
Creators/Contributors: p0ss (, elky

File: sheep/sheared_sheep.blend
Description: Blender source for the sheared sheep. Contains walk and
stand/feed animations. The default sheep is a fattened version of this.
Creators/Contributors: p0ss (, elky

File: sheep/sheep.blend
Description: Almost identical to sheep/sheared_sheep.blend, except some
of the facets have been "fattened". Will probably need to be recreated
eventually if armature/animation changes are needed, but is a shortcut
until then. This is the default sheep.
Creators/Contributors: p0ss (, elky

File: tools/tool_texture_parts.xcf
Description: Gimp source file for tool textures, one layer per part,
tooltype, and overlay; includes ingots for colour reference.
Creators/Contributors: darkrose