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Arena_lib is a library for Minetest working as a core for any arena minigame you have in mind.
It comes with an arena manager and a signs system. The latter creates a bridge inside your own server between the hub and your actual mod (deathmatch, capture the flag, assault, you name it). In other words, you don't have to do the boring job and you can focus exclusively on your minigame(s) :*

Support my work


  1. Install it as any other mod

  2. Be sure you have LuaJIT installed on your machine

  3. Check SETTINGS.lua

  4. (modders only) Dive into the full documentation to understand how to create minigames


signs_lib by Vanessa Dannenberg
(soft) Parties by me: use it to be sure to join the same arena/team with your friends


Hub Manager by me: use it if you're aiming for a full minigame server

Known conflicts

  • Beds or any other mod overriding the default respawn system
  • SkinsDB or any other mod applying a 3D model onto the player, if teams_color_overlay is used

Mods relying on arena_lib

Block League

Want to help?

Feel free to:

  • open an issue
  • submit a merge request. In this case, PLEASE, do follow milestones and my coding guidelines. I won't merge features for milestones that are different from the upcoming one (if it's declared), nor messy code
  • contact me on the Minetest Forum

Images by me. They're under CC BY-SA 4.0 countdown sound by BoxeDave92