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Block League

S4 League inspired shooter minigame for Minetest.

Zughy Support Zughy | Zaizen Support Zaizen


Want to help?

Feel free to:

  • open an issue
  • submit a merge request. In this case, PLEASE, do follow milestones and my coding guidelines. I won't merge features for milestones that are different from the upcoming one (if it's declared), nor messy code
  • contact me on the Minetest Forum


2D graphic assets by me
3D models by Scarecrow
Bouncer sound by iozonic
HMG shooting sound by tcpp
Pixelgun shooting sound by debsound
Pixelgun reloading sound by GreenFireSound and JarAxe
Rocket launcher shooting sound by Audionautics
Shotgun shooting sound by coolguy
Shotgun reloading sound by jeseid77
SMG shooting sound by kafokafo
SMG shooting sound by GreenFireSound
Sword dash by LloydEvans09
Sword swing by bay_area_bob
Hit sound by cabled_mess
Critical sound by EFlexMusic
Kill sound by jmayoff
Countdown announcer by dbosst
"Fight" announcer by EFlexMusic
Crowd cheering by wangzhuokun
Crowd "oh no" by dobroide
Ball "resetting" voice by tim.kahn
Victory jingle by unadamlar
Defeat jingle by soundmonster0

Most audio files have been tweaked by me

Images and models are under CC BY-SA 4.0