Final Minetest Git Repos

The ultimate Minetest git resource

1,000s of Minetest repos have been mirrored and will be loaded here over time. Subsequently, it'll never be possible to lose them to ragequit or neglect. Use the navbar at the top to navigate.

For example, in 2020, the migdyn repos were deleted or moved to an unknown location, but they continue to exist at this link.

The code in old Minetest repos is often obsolete. So, some of these repos can't be used directly. However, the code is a useful reference for modders working on new features.

Primary starting points include:

* Final Minetest — Core only. For subgames and worlds, visit the Downloads page.
* Old MT5 — Mid-2020 snapshot.

Here are a few significant contributors: Ezhh, TenPlus1, VanessaE, minetest-mods.

These are the contributors with 5 or more repos: