117 Commits (master)

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  OldCoder 7827016e24 "/give" and "/giveme" no longer need "mod" specifier 2 weeks ago
  OldCoder c2c73d5b86 fontengine: Fix non-gettext builds 3 weeks ago
  OldCoder 89f9ea54a7 Improve undersampling settings 3 weeks ago
  OldCoder 0b77b5402e Optimize core.after in a simple way (#8351) 3 weeks ago
  OldCoder df87979669 Make Mapgen::spreadLight use a queue (#8838) 3 weeks ago
  OldCoder 195fd552e2 Move debug.txt after it grows too big (#8904) 3 weeks ago
  OldCoder 1990975348 Add "player:get_meta" API function (#7202) 2 months ago
  OldCoder 146d412314 Add new names for noise userdata API functions 2 months ago
  OldCoder 2f289200c3 Disable leaf decay by default 2 months ago
  OldCoder b11ac4eac6 Handle multiple deserialization of a block's entities 2 months ago
  OldCoder 7662ef1997 Add API function "minetest.read_schematic" 2 months ago
  OldCoder 3e34d95bcb Fix crash in ReliablePacketBuffer on mismatching packets 2 months ago
  OldCoder f842768556 Detab some files. 2 months ago
  OldCoder 3f7b69c4c9 Mapgen v6: Fix mudflow iteration and iterate twice (#8795) 2 months ago
  OldCoder 64047c72ab Use recursive mutex to prevent freeze in "on_newplayer" (#8808) 2 months ago
  OldCoder 1d2902ad30 Fix negative offsets not being supported by container[] 2 months ago
  OldCoder 1fd64b3efc guiVolumeChange: Fix child not being removed 2 months ago
  OldCoder 185e73c21a Avoid crash caused by, and improve, "findSpawnPos" (#8728) 2 months ago
  OldCoder b5806f0aad Flat Mapgen: Fix and improve "getSpawnLevelAtPoint" (#8756) 2 months ago
  OldCoder 04b96b7b22 Don't add group values of zero to group lists (#8751) 2 months ago
  OldCoder 0d001640b1 Add FFI utility functions 2 months ago
  OldCoder 48b0dcf919 Fix isNan on setYaw Lua call (#7380) 3 months ago
  OldCoder 9d9a801f20 Restore API function "get_mod_info" 3 months ago
  OldCoder e3ca86a671 Silence an invalid "gcc" warning message 3 months ago
  OldCoder 5daa9c941c Add disable_jump to liquids and ladders (#7688) 3 months ago
  OldCoder f3dcfa5d54 Make option-setting name rules stricter 3 months ago
  OldCoder e2357379c8 Increase upper limit of display_gamma (#8618) 3 months ago
  OldCoder 631f3289e9 Optimize and unify mesh processing (#7851) 3 months ago
  OldCoder fc8f70ae92 Revert 2017-11-18 light-curve change 4 months ago
  OldCoder 3c5a3b895b Make "/se" support more entity types without a mod-name prefix 4 months ago
  OldCoder 3a8c87c2e4 Revert part of Old MT commit eb2bda7d0bbb1ef5 4 months ago
  OldCoder 4f186adc84 override.txt: Fix crash due to CRLF endings (#8439) 5 months ago
  OldCoder 93c380d57e Make autoforward simulate the 'up' key (#8249) 5 months ago
  OldCoder 831c33dae0 Update server-list URL 5 months ago
  OldCoder 846d0d32ba Update old links 5 months ago
  OldCoder 696627e0fc "const SharedBuffer" network fix (#8125) 5 months ago
  OldCoder 6c9d45857b Optimize string handling (#8128) 5 months ago
  OldCoder cb47f937ed Fix some compile-time warnings 5 months ago
  OldCoder 52867691e2 Improve light-curve code, fix darkened daytime sky (#7693) 5 months ago
  OldCoder 831ab0ff9f Smoothed yaw rotation for objects (#6825) 5 months ago
  OldCoder b7d9ba5974 Vein ore bug fix (#7371) 5 months ago
  OldCoder 043b085dac Fix a compiler warning for "test_noise.cpp" 5 months ago
  OldCoder 3dc1f06006 Fix a "-Wcatch-value" warning reported by GCC 8.1 5 months ago
  OldCoder 2047b0bd2f Fix missing decorations and dust related to deep water (#7470) 5 months ago
  OldCoder dc01db71bb Fix memory overwrite related to a fixed-length buffer. 5 months ago
  OldCoder 2d86e58850 Force send of a mapblock to a player where necessary (#8140) 5 months ago
  OldCoder cd4e3bf8ec Improve tracking of modified and/or sent blocks (#7568) 5 months ago
  OldCoder 0d77d34018 Make Player::peer_id server-side only and add access API (#6478) 5 months ago
  OldCoder a0fa9ae117 Updates to "lua_api.txt" 5 months ago
  OldCoder 80abd4609c "codermobs:" prefix is now optional for "/se" commands 6 months ago